Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson

The last description I ever want to hear about my upper torso is ‘flappy, droopy and empty’….

There’s probably a hilarious story about the models feeding persimmon jam to some emus and then a stampede occurred and oh, well, you can imagine….

‘Finkle, party of 4? Welcome to O’Chans. The fitst Scottish Mandarin tapas buffet. Follow me to your table….’

Prince Valiant got really experimental during his gap year in Brussels. 

Eleanor knew how to hurt Vinnie- she stole his vintage seat covers and wore them on a date with a guy in a Kia.

A fox Jean jacket…oh no. 

Is her shirt caught on her- oh I just have no excuse for it at all. 

What is with these breastal coin nurses??? 

Scar face bedroom curtain homage-

Just tuck it in enough so she doesn’t trip- it’s fine, looks fine. 

Yeah, you should look sheepish Boyo!?

Photo credits: vogue.com

17 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson

  1. Obviously this man has never met a real woman to ask what she feels good in…so he just made up this shit. The clothes are as sad as his models. When in doubt, wrap a dead animal around your shoulders and tuck some money in your titty purse for an emergency.

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  2. “O’Chans”…perfect!

    To put this ‘fashion show’ into perspective…this guy actually PLANNED, CHOSE FABRICS and THOUGHT about this collection for (weeks? days? hours?) and THIS is what he put down the runway. GAWD. Just give the fabric allowance to some REAL sewists…please!

    I’m convinced that the audience is composed of captive fashion students getting credit for class…I mean, who else would sit through this?!

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  3. Hmm, I kind of like the Scottish mandarin dress—-the side angles could be really flattering and I like the broad stripe across the clavicle with the button details. Now, we need to seriously talk about that one dress that looks like she just tucked a bunch of fabrics from the clearance bin around her body….that is sheer patheticness. Just pitiable.


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