Wearable Wednesday Rejino Ryo

I’m getting whiplash here- I lurve this dress!?

But…….’Christina!? Wire Hangers!?’

The knights donned their sod helmets and prepared for the petunia joust-

Please stop trying to bring this blouse back- it gives me clown sickness. 

Richard Branson! You never know where he’ll turn up!

Ring the gong! It’s the 4 millionth rework of the classic denim jacket! Look under your seats for a special prize!

Have you been arrested for drunk driving in your clown car? Have you been accused of making dirty balloon animals? Call 1-800-haha and hire The Clown Defender!

Sigh.When mom buys pants you ‘can grow in to’

I like this one:

Not as much as the cat likes this one:

Photo credits- vogue.com

20 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Rejino Ryo

  1. Kristi says:

    I am completely DYING at the pants you can grow into! I always love your commentary, but that one killed me. Thanks for making our Wednesdays better every week!


  2. JenL says:

    Typo alert: Ryo > Pyo

    Some nice things here like the white dresses, but Richard Branson looks a bit messy, like he threw a bathrobe over his outfit when he got home from work. I assume it’s a coat, but it says bathrobe to me for some reason.

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  3. Did they have to remind us of humiliating clothes bought so you’ll grow in to them? Just tuck the extra length up inside like the rest of us do please. It was going so well up to then, at least one ok detail every time. I mean, even the Clown Defender has a nice collar, and the apple picking blouse gets a wearable green skirt.

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  4. I enjoyed some of these but I am totally pissed off (again!!!) at pattern companies that fail to offer interesting trouser patterns. I love, love, love the black trousers. Gimme a pattern so I can make them!


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