Wearable Wednesday Thom Browne

A reminder- this is Ready to Wear- not couture. My rule has always been to showcase what the designers are showing as their meat and potatoes. I now give you those potatoes…..

Oh crap! She saw a mouse! 

Who thinks the Clinique salesgirls take themselves too seriously? 

I think her coat needs a hairnet more than she does.

Interview outfit- nailed it!

Rhonda soon regretted her piñata costume choice for the Cinco de mayo party at the  local biker bar.

Iron Man Lingerie – it’s a thing.

Looking for a fun craft project for all your mismatched socks? No,  me neither. 

Fiona loved dating a radiologist, but his gifts were a little on the nose….

I’m not sure how jaded you have to be if you can fail to look up when a giantsummer camp pot holder strolls past you at fashion week. 

The entire front row had a seizure as Marla went by. It was a very stylish seizure according to witnesses.

Ok Brenda, we get it- you LOVE fleet week!?

photo credits: Vogue.com

51 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Thom Browne

  1. Oh! My! Gawd! Granny boobs!

    The rest…. so much to comment on. I don’t know where to start. I see several fabrics that I would like to get a hold of though.


  2. Peggy Rivera says:

    The last one is a total bummer, but I have to say, the first two and a few others are quite appealing. Especially the first two which reference the big goddesses of prehistory. But then, I always look at a designer’s choices for footwear in terms of how they really feel about women….these are bum awful, so, strange twisted, somewhat appealing effort. Ready to Wear? I think you got the wrong show.

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  3. Have you ever seen the movie Weird Science? The character played by Bill Paxton turns into a brown thing that looks eerily like the top two images.

    Comparing this to potatoes is an insult to potatoes–what did they ever do to you?! This is left-on-the-highway-for-a-week fashion roadkill.

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  4. Call me boring but I’m grateful for the invention of the humble bra. Channeling Willendorf mother goddess, boobs out for the fleet,iron man lingerie – nah! Also in boring vein, I prefer skirts without crotch level ventilation slits.

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  5. In one of the Great British Sewing Bee finals, one of the guys made a “skanklet”…a skirt-like creation with ankle things suspended on boned strips. The judges absolutely fried him; but now he should maybe sue for copyright infringement, further to that interview-outfit above!


  6. Faye says:

    Interview suit – nailed it! hahaha! Do you think sometimes designers go – ‘I wonder how much c**p I can send down the runway and people will still applaud?” I love the look on the face of the woman sitting on the end of the row- you know she’s just thinking WTF!

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  7. This just brightened my entire day!! My jaw fell open after that first photo, and stayed that way until the end. The “Potholder” one reminds me of the shape of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, if one were made out of those balloons people use to make shapes and animals. I think I’d rather save up for a solid gold sarcophagus if I had to choose! (Added bonus: I would be dead inside it, so would feel no shame.) 😉

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  8. I have an interview today so I got a kick outta the thought of making a bit more of an entrance….big carnival theme here otherwise…… with giant summercamp pot holders (like outa control kindergarden theatre piece) – really gotta wonder about RTW – the clinque girl coat had a nice look but then am I just digging around for something wearable here! (mouse comment my favourite – and as always – you really find some gems!)

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  9. Ginger says:

    Ok… I’ve had gastric bypass and have some of the saggy thing going so I understand and I’m not being cruel to people with that issue but damn! those first couple of pictures remind me of the before pics of people who have lost several hundred pounds and are having skin removal surgeries. I don’t think ANYTHING could be less flattering and unattractive on a woman’s body than these things they are calling designs. Let’s see a mans design like this with certain private parts sagging in hanging lumps to their knees.


  10. Karen says:

    WTH?!! Why would I (or any woman) want to wear an outfit with droopy boobs? (I can see those when I look in the mirror) And that potholder outfit-how do you even move in that? The model looks completely uncomfortable.

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  11. theprettyandthekitsch says:

    WTF?! My jaw actually dropped and remained so throughout the entirety of this post. I was basically a human shocked face emoji. I think I’m still recovering.

    There are no words for this collection.


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