Wearable Wednesday For Restless Sleepers

For me, extreme wealth is about tiaras and roaming exotic places in pajamas. Occcasionally straddling a fountain with help from the concierge. 

Maybe I saw Mame too many times, but seriously, I’m all about brunch with Wallis who has trouble seeing from her yacht- I usually have to flag her down.

Sometimes I lose my palazzo keys and have to wait for Imar my manservant to climb the trellis and let me in. Sigh. 

Ugh. The peasants will never appreciate the pain of a turban induced headache. Only Nick Cannon and I know the suffering.

So I said to Ivana- I refuse to go another step until I am assured that’s no one else is wearing fringe hand woven out of unicorn arse hairs by Belgian nuns. I sense someone is copying my motif.  

Sigh. I smell poor people. 

Sometimes I like to ponder the deeper issues- like should my body waxer be tipped like the boy detailing my Bentley?

Evelyn, come down- they promise to restock the minibar!

Photo credits: Vogue.com

23 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday For Restless Sleepers

  1. Oh, this is all SO delightful. This is the fantasy vacation we all need from the current reality, even as it stands as delicious irony vis a vis the pending elimination of the middle class and crushing of all minorities. Your satire is outstanding, three cheers!

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  2. Helen M says:

    You are hilarious and although I don’t always comment, I look forward to Wednesday’s and reading your blog. Thank you for being!


  3. Katrina B says:

    I want all of the outfits! Except for the jellyfish one, but only because it brings back memories of the time I got arrested for doing that to a fountain.


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