Wearable Wednesday Ashish

It was hard to find a way to get a rise out of her parents, but Wednesday tried….

Wow. It’s so cold I can actually see a witches……

Mr Rodman if you don’t want attention- pick another outfit for LAX!?

Tim Burton’s Pippi Longstocking took years to get funding…..

Aw who cares if she can’t dress- she gets 523 channels!

Wanda never fit in with the other embalmers….

‘The girl with the dragon tattoo and rhumba pants’ was clearly a cheap plagerization riding the Nordic noir wave. 

Ok, you’ve been waiting for it-

Deep breath. 

What have you boys been smoking, Ashish??

Photo credits: Vogue. Com

25 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Ashish

  1. Yes, I didn’t know what day it was all last week! Now I know today is WEDNESDAY! 😂😂😂. I couldn’t stop thinking about the first outfit with its strategically placed lace spots. Then I got farther down and all I saw was her pants are so see through I can see her hands in her pockets!! 😂😂😂


  2. JenL says:

    Okay, the see-through dress, no bra and mini-panties look is getting to me. Is it just my perspective, or is it mostly male designers who do this? I am (by far) not a puritan, but I find the let’s-show-nked-bewbs-on-the runway theme a bit patronizing (and in these days, kinda creepy).


  3. OK, so the first one I kind of love–well, if it had a lining anyway. That nose ring though–it looks like a spider is crawling out of her nose. And I nearly spit when I saw the witch comment, that had me laughing like a lunatic and my eldest was peering over my shoulder like “what?”.


  4. Mel says:

    That’s a nose ring? I kept scratching my laptop to get that thing off. And when I realized it was on her face, I thought she was holding a lapel pin in her mouth.


  5. Wonderful- dont know my favourite – seeing the witches or getting the chanels….. (I just read the other comments – sorry to read of your loss – when I read that I was thinking on how much my own dad would have liked your take…he used often remark to the tv/us…is she in her pelt? )

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  6. Agreed with the lining, but would this make them any different from anything else! Liking the hoodie with silver skirt, an occasion for wearing it isn’t springing to mind?
    Fun as always


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