Wearable Wednesday Escada

I’m getting good feelings from these- my jaded heart- my upper lip is feeling a jerking sensation- like I might form a smile. I’d better check these symptoms on webmd.

Maybe it’s just a tumor. Or the fumes from her puffy paint.

I feel a strong sense of youthful Fanning-

Like maybe I could go canpIgn for class president-

Or redo my kitchen linens!

Ok, I love this look, but when I tried it, my husband asked me if it was a prayer shawl.

Holiday party at the grange hall? Pencil me in!

These shoes are bringing me down tho. So heavy for these!?

Escada- I’m crushing on you.

Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Alena Akhmadullina

Oh look! The designer discovered lining!

I spoke too soon.

This makes me think of owl inspired formal wear.

Rejected French Wizarding school uniform:

I swear, stop figure skating competitively and your knees go to shit. 

Listen here little miss Heretic- don’t you ever make impromptu wardrobe items from the altar cloths at St Barnaclius! 

You will wear the headmasters spare suit and wait on your parents you godless hussy!!

Well, it does have pockets. 

Rough weekend Hester? I get it.

Posture makes pretty, Enid. No ones going to marry a girl with 6 spinal curves.
Photo credits: Vogue.com