Wearable Wednesday Viktor & Rolf

Now Erica, just because George invited you to his family Thanksgiving- don’t read too much into it. Be casual.

Show up and don’t bother to lift a finger in the kitchen? Oh Wanda- you’re sitting next to cousin Otto the gravy slurper!

That’s it. I’m adding a dress code paragraph to the e-vite. Luanne is reeling havoc with the sideboard.

Go ahead Aunt Vera- sit THIS at the kiddie table!?

Last year I vowed that if I got asked one more time about settling down, I’d bring Mr Whiskers in a tuxedo as my date!?

I like to hide extra pie slices in my bows.

Photo credits: vogue.com

20 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Viktor & Rolf

  1. Sure hoping that none of these babes find their way to my sewing studio! I have enough trouble with traditional dresses! But wouldn’t the pie-hiding bow come in handy at buffets? Happy Thanksgiving, Anne! I am thankful for your quirky blog posts!!!


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