Wearable Wednesday La Perla

This. This is hows 80’s Barbie made me think professional adults dressed. Bless her.

I for one did not know La Perla designed streetwear.

Ok, streetwear was a bad way to put it. Tho kind of accurate.

Without a ‘Jump Street’ program, the KGB was less successful in their infiltration of American high school proms.

Mom- this is Javier. We’re in love- with lapels!!!

My favorite coroner quote on CSI: Las Vegas…

‘That corpse is no back alley hooker- she’s wearing LA PERLA!’

Everyone in Houston society wondered when Dig Daddy would realize that Butch was clearing not his new wife Cosimas Nephew.

This screams Working Girl reboot. Which should NOT be a thing.

I’m so distracted by her double hip bone growth on her right side. Get a clutch purse- you can’t keep cab fare there!?

Modesty panel fail: Lace edition, but that Marlo Thomas- she just does not age!!!

Photo credits: Vogue.com

25 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday La Perla

  1. I was sitting here watching the first photo loading very slowly and thinking, “That’s not bad. Maybe add a nice cami,” but then, finally, it got to the legs.

    I love the fuchsia coat. With proper, ladylike clothing underneath of course!

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  2. sewbussted says:

    The guys are all so shocked that they can’t even move a muscle!!!
    The little leather dress would be cute without a thigh high slit, and I like the gown, but once again without the crotch high slit.
    Thanks for the fun 😊


  3. EmHawes@Verizon.net says:

    Yep – I’m all into them using older models, but who has their nipples level with their elbows? Good support can add years, girls… or To the “girls”. Also a little more realistic weight – the thigh gaps on most of these models isn’t aberrant, with the exception of the second model/third outfit. That’s not a gap that’s a grand canyon.


  4. The men’s outfits are the least humilating, the way to make them so would be to perhaps cut out the crotch area and replace with a little bit of coloured mesh. In the interest of equality! Why only humilate the women? And then put such high heels on them that they cannot run away?
    The third model look as if she doesn’t get put on a drip soon, she will expire.

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  5. In de-tartified versions much of this would be great. A few more stitches in the seams above the slits, a little more ease, a bit more length, a nice flesh toned charmeuse lining. As presented, your commentary is bang on target, I paged down from the first photos wondering if streetwear meant the same both sides of the Atlantic.

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  6. I love this, really brilliant start to my day…as someone who grew up watching dynasty in the 80s I too had odd ideas about ‘professional’ clothing – really dont know which is my favourite….of your comments…..hidden cab fare, matching lapels, love em all!


  7. theprettyandthekitsch says:

    “Without a ‘Jump Street’ program, the KGB was less successful in their infiltration of American high school proms.”

    I laughed SO hard at that!

    Also, holy crap that purple thing (is it supposed to be a dress? I refuse to call it one, it’s more like a shirt) is SHORT. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything so “mini” in my life – if I have, I probably blocked it out. I don’t imagine it’s possible to sit down or even move much in it without some kind of wardrobe malfunction happening.

    Wow, thanks to that dress, at the ripe old age of 35 I think I’ve officially entered old fogey territory.

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