Wearable Wednesday Erdem

After years of being told by the elders how talented they were- Iona, Bethany and Prudence are releasing their first album!

Yes! Sister Wives are doing it for themselves!

Hear Bethany yodel her haunting version of Papa Don’t Preach-

Tear up as Gideon’s youngest brides bring you the Elvis classic Bassinova Baby!’

Hear them breathe life into the old standard King of the Road!

Only available here on an accompanying dvd Prudence signing while Iona plays ‘Papa was a Rolling stone’on the spoons!

Is there anything more touching than the mcCleary Wives singing George Michaels Father Figure??

Bonus track: Girlfriend in a Coma! Get your reorder in now!!!

Photo credits: Vogue.com

40 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Erdem

  1. sewbussted says:

    Ohhh, now I get it…that’s why the pants have such a wide cuff, sister wives, all must share. Hmmm, I do ’t like to share, couldn’t be a sister wife. Oh yea, that’s the ONLY reason why 😉

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  2. spot on with the commentry – so envious of that type of willowy cool and betcha the album gets the mercury prize. some time back trinny and susanah (daily telegraph uk) used do a wear latest trends – they did one with curvy susanah wearing the versace ironic headscarf 70s look and she just looked like a cross lady waiting for bus on a wet day…..


  3. The shoes have GPS tracking so the master always knows where they have wandered off to. Now ladies, these dresses are perfect for those who don’t shave their legs. Nothing wrong with prairie dresses…on the prairie!


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