Wearable Wednesday Sacai

It looks like it’s Housewares Challenge week!

Onions have less layers and bring on less tears….

Are those dearfoam slippers?

If you’ve ever defended socks with sandals- I need you to see this-

Community service is a cruel thing. avoid luggage fees- wear Everything you plan to bring!

Lumberjack formal is an oft neglected niche.

Fiona’s cat has major separation anxiety.

Immediately after the catwalk, Erica had to be immersed in benedryl to combat her wool allergy.

Well placed lace gives this a very delicate ethereal look.

Hookers of the Great North- now streaming on Hulu!

Rhonda could not believe the nerve of Maria-

oooh- sexy zippers!

Photo credits: Vogue.com

25 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Sacai

  1. What a load of tat. I love every piece separately, if dragged right out and away from the rest of it, but really, it’s like my wardrobe from the 1970s and 80s in Vermont all smashed into one outfit, with different layers churned to the top each photo. The comments do crack me up, as usual.

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  2. I don’t understand what is happening with most of these. The *only* appealing-in-a-weird-way thing for me is the mix of plaid with solid in look 3.

    And I guess the Hookers of the Great North dress is technically fine. But she has on a lumberjack hat.


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