Wearable Wednesday Nehera

At last the universal need for a quilted pull over blazer has been met. We may adjourn.

Wanda was the manager of Papi Fundido now- but she was always ready to show off her multiple fajita serving skills.

Yvette- it can’t be that bad- come on out!

I stand humbly corrected. My bad Y.

Psst- Tony- that’s NOT your bag-

It’s Peggy’s vest.

There’s a lot going on back here- like an accountants office with an after hours lounge in the back room. Yeah- that doesn’t make sense either.

If Fiona weighed more- she’d sink into the shag and never be seen again!

huh- so if you have advanced thigh gap you can wear leather pants soundlessly. Well, now I understand the desire for it.

Dude!? I’m your intern Antigone. Mind if I vape?

Photo credits: Vogue.com

18 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Nehera

  1. Hmm. Thanks for the review and for making it as painless as possible to see so clearly that the model-designer-emperor has no friggin clothes OR sense of humour, yet again. I actually used to buy fashion magazines back when there was fashion, just like I used to listen to the president back when the USA had one. We used to have great stuff although I whined about it then too. Now it seems like the lint from down the sides of the couch cushions, and the odd napkins and petfur, and the cushions themselves, have became the clothing event, for a few thousand per rummage

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  2. Emily says:

    I’m worried that the wee frail model won’t be able to slog out of that shag if she too is wearing shoes with fur heels or trim – a bit like trying to turn over in flannel sheets when wearing a flannel night gown. I actually like some outfits or parts of outfits if given the power to Edit off the extra strange pieces.

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  3. I was rather impressed by the practicalities of the first outfit (its still winter here so wearing a whole duvet out seems like a good idea too) – but by the time the back to front shirt and cut off leather pants ……oh dear…….

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  4. I’ll tell you — there’s something I really like about this collection, and that is it’s somewhat androgynous look, it’s total lack of sexual objectification. What a relief. I also like the quilted anorak and the long blue duvet coat. I think your comment on the final picture is perfect. That’s exactly what she would say, and wouldn’t you love her for it?


  5. Looks like all these models are carrying an overnight bag for a quick escape! Or do all the pants and vests convert to bags as well? Poor Antigone…she looks exhausted and wants to BE gone with those dreadful scuffed shoes! Picturing the poodle fur loafers in the rain…poodles in puddles…will they smell of wet dog?


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