Wearable Wednesday Audra

Formal Suffragette Clown. Yup- all boxes ticked.

Aww- she’s wearing the first drawstring formal bag I made.

There is so much going on with this blouse I assumed it would get an intermission.

So textural- perfect for a retired model petting zoo.

This gives me the ‘drears.

Car wash hem. Nope.

Ok, this looks like Queen Maxima would wear it. 2 points for Gryffindor.

Photo credits: Vogue.com

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Audra

  1. Fairy hit the nail on the head…”DREARY”. How can anyone see these clothes and think that they need this look? Suffragette clown and her sister with the cold shoulder (I hate this trend!) are the only inventive pieces but even they fail.


  2. I secretly love some of this, with my gothy inclinations and Rococo delusions. I hate the ‘cold shoulder’ thing that everyone but me has been wearing, and the bottom two make me stare briefly and blankly without interest. Maybe it’s just me being a sucker for semi-ruined manor-house remains and ripoffs of John Galliano’s work from back when…

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  3. Can the model be any thinner? I thought we (the fashion world) had gotten past starving models to fit into “sample size garments”. Guess I was wrong…. The rest of us women might have trouble imagining ourselves in these clothes as our hip bones don’t protrude like the model’s do…


  4. Emily says:

    The first one belongs on one of the queen’s clowns from Alice in Wonderland, I actually like the second one quite a bit, the third one’s okay minus the butt cover tail and flu shot shoulders, fourth meh, fifth strikes me as fine with some serious accessorizing, and the last two are a bit meh but the fabric is pretty… Almost the most wearable collection yet… and yes, I might also be positively influenced by the backgrounds. Designers take note! Ditch the ladders and dirty streets. As to the hanger appeal, well, I’ve always wondered why they didn’t feel their clothing looks Better on women with some flesh and curve – it does to me!

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  5. I rather liked the flappy hem, and on closer examination the dress is pretty interesting (though the details are lost in the grey floral fabric I kinda like that too…). I wonder if they do those blue shoes as flats?


  6. Maxima – I really love your sleeve treatment. The dropped shoulder with elbow length puffed sleeve is novel and beautiful. I saw similar ideas at Burberry but I like this look very much. Unlike the car wash skirt.


  7. Jenny says:

    Most of these outfits would benefit from remembering ‘less is more’. Ditch the shopping bag sleeves etc. The car wash dress would be much better with a simple bodice. The ‘dreary’ dress might actually looks sophisticated if it was just a classic little black dress with the white piping detail. I’m not sure what could be done to rescue the first blouse though – just too much ‘goings on’ going on!


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