Wearable Wednesday Lou Dallas


No- I said I like HIPPOs!

Glue fumes cause rare Psychotic toddler attack at local daycare- story at 11.

With only a few minutes until Jeff picked her up from her job at the coffin factory, Enid whipped up a dandy date night frock-

Andrea was given her final verbal notice- stop editing your Midevil Times uniform or you’re out!

I likes it better on Jimi Hendrix.

I liked it better on Dr Teeth. I concur. Photo credits: vogue.com

28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Lou Dallas

  1. Okay, but, the Hendrix pants are TO DIE FOR. Also, I can imagine the real size model’s internal debate, “But it’s good for there to be greater representation in Fashion…..but, Do I want to represent as what looks like the crocodile in Peter Pan in drag? Oh, the dilemma….”

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  2. OMG! What?

    It is nice to see an average size model. Also the Jimi Hendrix pants look possibly wearable. Not sure about that corset waist thing. Is that part of the pants or a separate piece?

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  3. I laughed and laughed at the photos even without captions. I am the most open, pro-alternative-everything person, gothy and faery and pretty much everything, and even I could not find much not to laugh at, except for the faux Hendrix and (maybe) the coat below it. The bosoms in the middle look painfully smooshed. Poor everyone. It was like they were selling the people but couldn’t legally sell them naked, so they grabbed up old tat and stuck it on, maybe even with glue.


  4. I want Jimi’s trousers..but OMG the poor croco-woman! ‘Hey, you have a tummy, let’s end a frill on it, put some gathers that will look like stretch marks, add some piping, and…what do you mean? Right, just for that I’m tying your tits together!’


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