Just when our planet needs her most-

MY PEOPLE!!!! I, your galactic Swintonian Overlord have returned to comfort you in times of sartorial need!

Look upon my celestial brilliance and Bask in my omnipotent Chanel pre-fall 2018 glory!

Never fear! I bring you culottes and trays of small canapés. Rest in my well-tailored embrace and be healed!

Photo credits: Fashionsizzle.cm

26 thoughts on “Just when our planet needs her most-

  1. susan snow says:

    I don’t understand what gives with the bizarr-o hairdo, it isn’t flattering, looks like hell, and wouldn’t she spend all day pushing it out of her eyes?


  2. Katrina says:

    If you had said “tuxedo” and “culottes” I would have thought WTF random word game? But I was blind, and now I see! It is magnificent.


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