Wearable Wednesday Isa Afren

Let’s get it out of the way- I think the designers name sounds like the Artful Dodger announcing somesones parents are dead. Ok, we can Move on now. Thank you.

‘Warm seaweed sheets lightly before placing on the sushi mat’

Kelly Buddy- phone call for Kelly Buddy-

What? Come on guys, do I have spinach on my teeth?Evelyn was so flu’y miserable, but the kids needed to be at the bus drop off by 6:50…

Suddenly I’m remembering how much my 6th grade heart hated Heather Hagopian who had the best collection of these blouses. Oh, I wished her ill. when young models in the wild are learning to walk, they often wear protective padded knee pants.

Friday night was date night at the tuna cannery-I want that to be a Wookie backpack-

This is my signature hem-Line this trench and send it to me now!I love you to the calves and back!Photo credits: Vogue.com

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Isa Afren

  1. Kelly Buddy? You lost me there. These clothes do at least resemble clothes, and the designer seems to appreciate fabrics…I like the patchwork tartan thingy. I’m not sure much of it is exactly wearable, but it doesn’t have the usual WTF factor…


  2. The tuna cannery line had me laughing out loud.
    That first pair of pants is slightly compelling to me. I like the color and the fabric looks rather comfy. Not sure how I feel about the “genie-capri” length though…


  3. Emily says:

    Several of the fabrics are very nice, but the half-from-here half-from-there hems on skirts and shirts aren’t… I know high fashion is all about putting trying-too-hard clothes on models who look bored to death with it, but those hems Are trying too hard. And those ankles are the goofy ones I get when I tuck my pants into my socks in the woods to avoid ticks…


  4. Sandy says:

    I love the floral fabric in the last photo and the jacket is really nice. The outfit though is all “a bit too much”. And pants.. why?


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