Wearable Wednesday Low Classic

I feel a strong ‘making an entrance’ vibe here. But not in a necessarily good way.

‘Look- I know I’m early, but could you just check to see if my dry cleaning is ready?’

‘I have NEVER had to come in and sign Trevor out- what is the deal, Miss Owens?’

‘I received a call about my husband- I believe there were shenanigans-‘

‘Don’t touch anything until forensics signs off on it- the corpse is in the loo’

‘Welcome to David Byrnes All-Star Salute to David Bowie!’

‘Oh Edna- I didn’t hear you coming-‘‘is anyone missing a tire retread? It was under my volvo’‘yeah, me too’ Oh dear- I think this is a jumpsuit I actually like!

Dedication to pleating:Level 7

Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Loewe

You know nothing of job interviews- Jon SnowMy mom had a spider plant hanging in one of these.

Eunice has scoliosis.

Bethany refused to poison the environment by using dryer sheets.

Everyone was loathe to tell Alison that she had developed saddle bags over spring break. in an amusing incident, Erin’s favorite blouse was sucked into the escalator when she bent to retrieve her tic-tacs.This is every inside out placket I’ve ever tried. You can pleat to excess. I see your butterfly collar and raise you my Snail Collar!Fine Mom. I’ll wear a bra. Happy?This is usually how I find out a bra hook is dead- I get a never ending fabric chain like this coming out of the washer-Don’t judge me!Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Hensley

I saw this blouse and thought that there could be some very inspiring details here-

Not so fast, Anne-

Is metallic on metallic a thing? That inverted crotch pleat has got to look bizarre when seated.

She looks like that pile of reused foil my mominlaw won’t throw out. Not quite right at the edges.

‘I’m looking for McClinton- he killed my family and stole our claim….’

‘No, Senator- I will stay with the shuttle and finish the mission- you must leave- the revolution needs you-‘

This could be interesting. Or just caught on something.My aesthetic is Vague Visual Interest in muted tones. Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Mui Mui

Who Moses the slutty girl from To Sir With Love?

Beverly Goldberg jeans!

You can’t say they’re high waisted until you need 2 belts. this is like a John Waters bus stop walk.this is inside out, right? oh see- the Lindbergh Baby flipped hers. is have used that fringe to camouflage my roots….when you’re dressed to seduce and Granny makes you bring a sweater…..when Granny gives you her whole dress….Photo credits: Vogue.com