Wearable Wednesday Hensley

I saw this blouse and thought that there could be some very inspiring details here-

Not so fast, Anne-

Is metallic on metallic a thing? That inverted crotch pleat has got to look bizarre when seated.

She looks like that pile of reused foil my mominlaw won’t throw out. Not quite right at the edges.

‘I’m looking for McClinton- he killed my family and stole our claim….’

‘No, Senator- I will stay with the shuttle and finish the mission- you must leave- the revolution needs you-‘

This could be interesting. Or just caught on something.My aesthetic is Vague Visual Interest in muted tones. Photo credits: Vogue.com

20 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Hensley

  1. Emily says:

    Wow – I actually like them from the reused foil one (nice drape to the fabric) on down to but not including the vague visual interest one! That one looks to me like someone’s cat is needy and has been vigorously demanding attention. I’d actually wear the used foil one (dressy but good coverage) and the western chunky thing if I could lower the dramatic swoop 6 or 8 inches to keep frigid breezes from being scooped around my belly button.


  2. Tin foil to Trapper John but leaving those out, the rest could actually be worn with decent shoes and some jewelry. At least the color pallet is wearable and not looking like scraps from a grab bag!

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  3. Okay, my first thought after getting past the first look was “IT’S A TRAP!” and then you hit us with a Star Wars reference (I think?) with the drapey black outfit. (Which admittedly, I like…practicality be damned.) How appropriate!

    Personally, I would like to see that labial pleat (which is conveniently located AT labia level, I see) from a seated position, to say nothing of seeing it *in motion.* They’re just teasing us with the standing pose…

    (I feel like “labial pleat” needs to become an official fashion/draping term and method. Like, let’s just own it and put them everywhere.)


  4. It looks like the leftovers from a thrift store in a better area than the recent ones, like people want to dress nicely for a job or something and find some good chunks of clothes from decades ago and have to staple or glue the other parts on for coverage. Hmm. If it were actually made by the homeless as practical solutions, I would commend them, and if it’s for sale at vast prices, I don’t.

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  5. Yummy says:

    McClinton’s Snuggie looks quite comfy. And the pants. They look entirely normal.

    However, I LOVE that revolution dress. I would probably shut my neckscarf in the shuttle bay door and flap across the galaxy blissfully unaware, but at least I would look fabulous doing it.


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