Wearable Wednesday Low Classic

I feel a strong ‘making an entrance’ vibe here. But not in a necessarily good way.

‘Look- I know I’m early, but could you just check to see if my dry cleaning is ready?’

‘I have NEVER had to come in and sign Trevor out- what is the deal, Miss Owens?’

‘I received a call about my husband- I believe there were shenanigans-‘

‘Don’t touch anything until forensics signs off on it- the corpse is in the loo’

‘Welcome to David Byrnes All-Star Salute to David Bowie!’

‘Oh Edna- I didn’t hear you coming-‘‘is anyone missing a tire retread? It was under my volvo’‘yeah, me too’ Oh dear- I think this is a jumpsuit I actually like!

Dedication to pleating:Level 7

Photo credits: Vogue.com

11 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Low Classic

  1. Several of these outfits look like someone has been playing dress-up with items from her dad’s closet. I want to get a closer look at the embroidery on that first gray thing. I think I see a cat.

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  2. I like the pleated skirt,and,yes a few other items or parts of items, but check the hem on the oversized jacket! Isn’t it annoying when the front facing, which you know you cut accurately, somehow end up too short and pulls the hemline up? If she’d just put the other hand in a trouser pocket we wouldn’t have noticed.

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