Wearable Wednesday andreas-kronthaler-for-vivienne-westwood

Well, it’s wedding season. So let’s grab some macaroons, spread some rose petals and crank up the string quartet as we enter the romantic world of Viv.

Nothing makes my eyes more misty than old fashioned Thunderdome nuptials.

Ok girls! Now take a shot then one of you crumple the toilet paper and one of you get the staple gun and the best design gets a Massage Envy gift card!!

Bermuda Triangle destination wedding!

Fresh from the box! No steaming required! For the devil may care bride with places to be!

Yes, but it has pockets!Father is sooo proud.Hood ornament or bleached Bigbird?Florence of Arabia?

It was my grandmothers veil- she was buried in it. Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Marine Serre

Instead of hiring models with any body weight, the designer has thoughtfully provided each model with a weighted ball to keep them from blowing away.

Sometimes it’s the most attractive part of the outfit. One good thing- all the models were able to be disguised as fancy carryon bags and stored in overhead for the trip to Milan. imagine the chafing. one cup corset? Or lumpen abdominal binder?Not even pockets can redeem this. Best dressed Septic diver ever!This is just- I can’t. It’s too much. Coachella maternity?I’m a supporter of the pants/dress combo, so I’m trying to love this, but it’s not easy. Photo credits- vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Shrimp

‘I’m proud to be remembered as the man who accompanied Jackie Kennedy’s bathmat to Paris’

Earlier this week an illegal Carebear breeding mill was liberated by PETA….

This is like one of those sepia portraits of creepy Victorian children who are actually spirits. Gaw- I so wanted that to be a matching hat!!Ugh- Mrs Needleblaum is at the community mailbox on her schmatte again!?

No, don’t measure those gathers- just eyeball it and get home in time for Kimmel. Oh Maude!she’s like a young Sal Mineo…..this makes me think that a team of dancers will come running out and tear away at least 4 tiers as she breaks into a sultry verse of Teddy Bear Picnic.photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Blindness

Laura Ashley’s new Bondage in a Bag collection from Macy’s!

This is extremely specific fetishwear me thinks.

It may or may not be what Martha Stewart makes her gardeners wear.

Well, parts of him are warm.

I pity the coat check attendant, I truly do.

Flamenco Duvet sounds like a very frisky pro-wrestler!it’s like her hand just disapears- like her fashion sense would have to.ok, this is just puzzling. I just don’t have words anymore. Photo credits: Vogue.com