Wearable Wednesday Blindness

Laura Ashley’s new Bondage in a Bag collection from Macy’s!

This is extremely specific fetishwear me thinks.

It may or may not be what Martha Stewart makes her gardeners wear.

Well, parts of him are warm.

I pity the coat check attendant, I truly do.

Flamenco Duvet sounds like a very frisky pro-wrestler!it’s like her hand just disapears- like her fashion sense would have to.ok, this is just puzzling. I just don’t have words anymore. Photo credits: Vogue.com

29 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Blindness

  1. Agnes Cleary says:

    So Laura Ashley is edgy now? I have truly entered a parallel universe! What next? Will Victoria’s Secret start selling bloomers fitted with chastity belts?? Where am I!? And why are those pigs flying by my window?

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  2. Where does on wear these garments…I hesitate to call them fashions. It is like a duvet maker and a drapery maker just tossed all their scraps in a dumpster and this is what came out. Masks….keeps the models from being identified and not getting another runway gig. Even the homeless folks in my area would not wear these!

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  3. It is pure genius though to entirely cover the model’s faces, and putting strings of pearls to hint at ears. It is rare to see somehting so new, so freshly creative.
    Thanks for spotting it!


  4. What the…?! But to be honest? A tiny little immature part of me wishes we lived in a world where it was okay to wear things like the Flamenco Duvet outfit.


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