Wearable Wednesday Shrimp

‘I’m proud to be remembered as the man who accompanied Jackie Kennedy’s bathmat to Paris’

Earlier this week an illegal Carebear breeding mill was liberated by PETA….

This is like one of those sepia portraits of creepy Victorian children who are actually spirits. Gaw- I so wanted that to be a matching hat!!Ugh- Mrs Needleblaum is at the community mailbox on her schmatte again!?

No, don’t measure those gathers- just eyeball it and get home in time for Kimmel. Oh Maude!she’s like a young Sal Mineo…..this makes me think that a team of dancers will come running out and tear away at least 4 tiers as she breaks into a sultry verse of Teddy Bear Picnic.photo credits: Vogue.com

21 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Shrimp

  1. Oooo! I like some of these! For lounging around at home watching TV on a cold winter evening. Though I would probably be too distracted petting my fake fur to pay attention to TV.


  2. This is the worst yet. Like someone on some terrible drugs got hold of some fake fur from an abandoned warehouse somewhere. The killer to me is the matching shoes with the horrible yellow socks in picture three. As if this stuff isn’t ugly enough they have made matching accessories. Ugh!


  3. Normally, the shoes make up for whatever goes on top but this time? This time, well, no. Just no.
    However, the models are allowed to be warm, and nobody sees anything much. Means they can eat another sandwich and nobody will notice! Hurra!


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