Wearable Wednesday Marine Serre

Instead of hiring models with any body weight, the designer has thoughtfully provided each model with a weighted ball to keep them from blowing away.

Sometimes it’s the most attractive part of the outfit. One good thing- all the models were able to be disguised as fancy carryon bags and stored in overhead for the trip to Milan. imagine the chafing. one cup corset? Or lumpen abdominal binder?Not even pockets can redeem this. Best dressed Septic diver ever!This is just- I can’t. It’s too much. Coachella maternity?I’m a supporter of the pants/dress combo, so I’m trying to love this, but it’s not easy. Photo credits- vogue.com

23 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Marine Serre

  1. Agnes Cleary says:

    The quarantine mask thing is creepy! And the only model with a remotely attractive ensemble is the last one, and she looks like she’s thinking of throwing herself off a cliff! Maybe to escape the coming plague? Even so, if you ditch the pants, that last outfit is not bad. I love that fabric. The rest of it is irredeemably, depressingly bad.

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  2. Well… I love the fabrics in the last two.

    The “Coachella maternity” one looks like she dived into the fabric stash and came out with about a third of it and decided to just wear it that way.


  3. Emily Kitsch says:

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE! Your commentary is the only thing that makes any of this easier to swallow. I don’t understand today’s fashion designers AT ALL. 😛


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