Wearable Wednesday andreas-kronthaler-for-vivienne-westwood

Well, it’s wedding season. So let’s grab some macaroons, spread some rose petals and crank up the string quartet as we enter the romantic world of Viv.

Nothing makes my eyes more misty than old fashioned Thunderdome nuptials.

Ok girls! Now take a shot then one of you crumple the toilet paper and one of you get the staple gun and the best design gets a Massage Envy gift card!!

Bermuda Triangle destination wedding!

Fresh from the box! No steaming required! For the devil may care bride with places to be!

Yes, but it has pockets!Father is sooo proud.Hood ornament or bleached Bigbird?Florence of Arabia?

It was my grandmothers veil- she was buried in it. Photo credits: Vogue.com

27 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday andreas-kronthaler-for-vivienne-westwood

  1. Sooo thankful none of my brides show up in anything like this!!! The very last dress minus the red veil is kind of cute but the rest do nothing for the body but make it cartoonish. Imagine the wedding photos years from now and people asking if the bride was on something when she bought the dress and what was the groom wearing? A kilt made from newspaper or recycled plastic bottles?

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  2. Truly, I adore VW but knockoffs and poor copies by relatives just do not match the draping and fitting. Believe me, if you you think throwing 3 metres of fabric on a body will make a dress – IT DOESN’T! Evidence above, courtesy of PrttyPuk. Thank you.


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