Wearable Wednesday Roland Mouret

Not hanger appeal- but jungle gym appeal-

Sweep the leg!Squish, pop, six, Cicero!My Father used to make me do all kinds of moves to see if my jeans fit before he bought them. So does Roland.

This was my yearbook pose. I was totally obsessed with the Bangles. I asked for 2 pages.Kanye is surprisingly lithe this morning.Vogue will have this pattern- 45 pieces and a missing instruction page. I think I miss runway shoots in warehouses. these cuffs both amuse and annoy me. Ok, please just stand still, m’kay? It’s hard to snark a moving target. Photo credits: Vogue.com

14 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Roland Mouret

  1. Erin said it. As far as one can see, there are clothes that someone could wear, and some nice details that I could ‘borrow’. I’d probably be tempted to shell out for that complex pattern with no instruction sheet, or is it just the red that’s leading me astray? Hmm.


  2. I love Roland Mouret. They are really feminine and fit exceptionally well (not that I can afford the price tag but I have tried some items on). The poses are silly, yes, but to my mind these are great designs.

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  3. Most of this fabric is actually lovely to me, and it amuses me that they came up with mostly non-event styles that do at least let it hang and be seen–maybe that’s why they overcaffeinated the person and put them out in the rubbish yard and ye-olde streets, so the fabric would be seen but not the ‘styles’ necessarily.

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