Wearable Wednesday Dalood

Cat appreciation Level: 50

Ugh- I can’t even keep the front of a blouse tucked in and the back untucked without looking like I was peeing when the fire drill started. This is too much of a challenge!?

If Mom jeans return, can the Quacker Factory sweaters be far behind? My mother in law is going to be sooo happy!oh Lord, what if she gets me one!?This fall on the CW- the all female reboot of S E Hintons ‘The Outsiders’!You can assure Mission Control- none of the alien life forms were returned to earth with the shuttle- all is contained!what was Mortician to think? Gomez had never looked at another- yet here was the upstairs maid leaving the aviary at 3am looking so suspicious!?she just looks sad because she cannot scratch her nose. Photo credits: Vogue.com

18 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Dalood

  1. I’m not entirely sure about the jumpers but there’s stuff here that I would wear. In the right size. And with something covering my …..


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