Wearable Wednesday Alice McCall

Is the collar attached to anything? I can’t tell wear the soufflé ends and the tacky startsI had these placemats.is resort wear just impractical Coachella frocks?Or the castoffs of old back up dancers?hi do like a floral- that’s lined.This is so FanningHuh. fannypack?

For that Dead or Alice reunion!

Photo credits: vogue.com

10 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alice McCall

  1. New design process; play around making up bits and bobs, frills, collars, some shorts, puffy sleeves, floaty sleeves. Find a decent belt in H&M; Then pin the lot round your models in random order and you’re good to go. A couple are bound to work out.

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  2. Huh. I’m usually a sucker for anything that could be called ‘goth’ by any stretch, and I stare blankly at these black lace frills and big lacey whatevers elsewhere and it doesn’t tempt me at all, not even to pull it off the person and make actual clothes out of it. *shrug*


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