Wearable Wednesday Lisa Marie Fernandez

‘OH she’s perfect! Go talk to her- get her to sign the release and keep the fee low!’‘what? She wants 50 sardines? Is that hipster slang?’ ‘she’s digging for dingle-what’s? Who cAres- the pose is hot!’‘ok, breaks over- where is she? She’s talking to the gulls about her Father? Um. Ok.’‘look, we’re losing the light- can you wrangle her in?’‘the sea is calling her? Great, great- whatever keeps the mood going-‘‘well, if she wants to be where the people are, tell her to get her ass back over here!?’‘what do you mean she ate the fish whole? That’s not possible.’‘A crab told her she had to go?’‘Hey! You can’t keep that skirt! It’s photo shoot property! Hey! Hey!’Photo credits: Vogue.com

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