Wearable Wednesday Nili Lotan

Meh. Tut, tut. Don’t try to run away- if we have to look, so do you!

Meh 2- the return of the Boots. Were these shots just for set up? Surely the real collection is on its way, right?The Big4 won’t be rushing to put a similar blouse pattern into production. It’s already been done…Point to ponder- fringe: to tuck or not to tuck-sigh- right now I’m more interested in knowing what’s in that blue bag.Will someone please take the boots away??

I wish there was something of interest in this- like a camel- yay!Meh 3- Revenge of the Bland!is is really design when it just inspires you to dig thru your closet for similar? Photo credits: Vogue.com

21 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Nili Lotan

  1. This takes deja vu to a whole new level. On the plus side, if pulling the waistline of your trousers in with a belt, welcoming the baggy fly look, is going to be a thing,we home stitchers are going to be saved a lot of fitting headaches.

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  2. Jen (NY) says:

    Tucked fringe, hah! That half-tucking that is so favored by stylists strikes me as looking like an inadvertent bathroom accident.

    In real life some of these pieces, I think, are really useful in a wardrobe– but the photoshoot is not doing them any favors, dour models, styling, and all.

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  3. These stink as something new. As old stuff we all have, they’re just what we used to wear now and again and thought we were cool because we put together stuff that costs five dollars for the whole outfit.

    Somebody has to cheer up those pouty poor models–why would anyone buy clothes that even people PAID TO BE WEARING THEM are not happy about??!

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  4. Ow. My son had a girlfriend that was the spitting image of that little blonde model. The stuff a mother’s nightmares are made of. Same facial expression. Same body language. Same dress sense, I swear. Scary, scary period in my life that I have been trying to block out…


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