Wearable Wednesday Roksanda

Ah summer- time for vacations and a more casual look at work-

Time for your aunt to pressure you into giving an internship to your niece Bea- the modern dance major-time to try out more casual styles in the office-Except you, Brenda- you have jury duty. Time for your boss to build a party cabana on the blistering roof and expect you to bbq. watch those sleeves, Enid- also watch that potato salad- it’s been in the heat for too long!Gees Alice- it’s hotdog or hamburger- you are totally holding up the line!?Oh sure Lila, while I’m up….again….ugh- who brought the boom box!?Photo credits: Vogue.com

22 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Roksanda

  1. Love your hilarious commentary. Whilst I can’t see myself in any of these, except possibly the jury duty togs, or Lila’s loungewear, there are couturish details worth a glance in other outfits.


  2. Becky says:

    I would like to see the details and the front of Enids frock. the sleeves are something else, who would have thought ginormous sleeves would make a comeback?


  3. Emily says:

    I actually liked a number of the first few… potential there! I agree that some of the poses get so “artsy” it seems they’ve forgotten the original Point was to show off the clothing, or at least the ideas. I always wonder about the textures made with small patches… why don’t they ravel? Are they all bonded in the back and plastic-y? Even so… they’d look pretty rough after a cleaning or two…


  4. Agnes Cleary says:

    Mostly no…but I am strangely drawn to that purple number Lila’s wearing. The perfect thing for my lifestyle of chasing the toddler grandkids and shopping at Costco.


  5. erin alter says:

    Jury duty cropped trousers for me, please! with the racing stripes!!! some people might find racing stripes on office wear too much, but not i!


  6. Anne-Marie says:

    I like this collection a lot, especially the first dress and also Alice’s flowing gown. And those green-heeled boots! Of course one has to be six feet tall and slim to do them justice, and the sleeves are totally impractical, but still – lovely!


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