I dreamed I was serving kibble in my Vogue 9293

calgonVogue 9293- a very jaunty summer pattern that screams McCall’s to me. It went together so well- so easy that it’s a darned shame that we aren’t getting along. I think it’s the vacillating front tie. Over the paunch? Under the paunch? Straddle the paunch? Look, little tie- you decide. I’ve got other fish to fry. Whats that Flawless Wanda, you don’t have a paunch? Well, Vogue says you’re easy- so take that!


This is a mix of 2 fabrics that leapt at me from the closet- they may have just needed air, but I put them together anyway. A pintucked coton in a green that my liver avoids, but I just love. A striped motif challis. Lord I love challis- oh, its like my 8th grade crush- I never get over the butterflies when I see a challis sale!

2 So I’d hoped for some lovely outdoor pics and a little sun and summer atmosphere, but for some reason the dogs freaked out on eachother during supper time and I ended up feeding one on the bed- because his sisters ganged up on him while he was eating. So pictures before the evening thunderstorm are in my boudoir with me giving the stink eye to my rowdy german hounds.

Pattern thoughts:

No zipper needed for this sexy pyramid- after numerous basted try-ons, I just skipped it. I love the column feel to this, but  I can’t  help feeling like:


Also, has anyone mentioned that it feels like it’s drifting backward? I have slopy shoulders, so I’m not used to that! 3

These dogs- I swear- I cannot find my inner Goddess muse with them fighting and throwing toys?! 4


photo credits: Pattern Review, little me.

45 thoughts on “I dreamed I was serving kibble in my Vogue 9293

  1. The front neckline looks the same on you as the model, it pulls to the back so can you release the shoulder seams a little? If you make this again, I would add a slash across the back to add to the back waist to give you more ease in length. Otherwise, it looks darling and maybe take a photo of the dress with no tie belt or a green tie belt that would make the eye follow up towards your face or wear a long green necklace for a vertical line.


  2. I like it. That is such a fresh shade of green it is instantly relaxing. You seem to be on the fence about the tie. You could try tying it in the back, or just taking it off as the dress just doesn’t need it.


  3. Helen says:

    I like the dress on you very much but think maybe the tie could go? I do love your commentary and hope the dogs are behaving more civilly towards each other.


  4. valerie says:

    I like this pattern and want to get it for the antipodean summer, at the moment Sydney is in winter’s depths. It looks fine on you but all the green at the bottom needs to be balanced with either a green necklace as Mrs Mole suggested or big green dangly earrings.


  5. I have the paunch too, and I say go above it–you’re just going to be fighting it all the time if you don’t. Or at least that’s been my experience with such things. All of my tops ride up over my belly and all the bottoms fold down below it. Dogs, man. Adorable little shitheads, every one. 😉 Mine decided at the tender age of 15 (years) that he needs to bark and chase every firework…so he gets put in the crate to keep him from having a heart attack.


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