Wearable Wednesday Krizia

8th grader rant ahead:

Ugh. I always hated those girls who half wore sweaters and jackets like they were so tiny and elfin- you suck Deborah Hagopian and Denise Mizerik! Get some shoulders-and invite me to your parties!

Giraffe crotch is my new secret insult.

Nope! My new favorite secret insult is Crusted Dickey!What exactly are we seeing? A shirt? A coat? A shirt coat? A coated shirt? An old A-Ha video shoot??I’m having some deep feelings toward this coat tho. So if she twists the knit tubetop just right- do the cheetahs connect and open a mystical bellybutton portal? I just know Rhianna is going to wear this duster to dinner with nothing else on at some point!?

‘Welcome to Dynergy! A synergistic encounter forum! Who’s ready to feel the power of retail???’

I want 5 yards of this Immediately.

I’ll just go and strain something.

photo credits: Vogue.com

35 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Krizia

  1. Emily says:

    Crusted dickey and jumbled cheetah both just look like knitting accidents to me… and yes, if any of my crotches ended up looking like these I’d be ripping things out to try again. Okay – while I’m trying to imagine uses for five yards of the leg fabric (which I admit to not being much charmed by) I was only coming up with curtains for a man den except I would be that indulgent of little boy men… but then I thought of having the curtains be Under some somber over curtain in the bedroom so it looks all formal in the day but at night one pulls back the over curtains, folds back the top blanket, turns on the lurid purple lights… like naughty underwear under a suit. Not that I’d Do it, mind… but still the charm grows.


  2. Imagine exceptional placement of those chopped bent legs emanating from the crotch or maybe even the backside of a pair of pants. Woohoo, the hilarity!


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