I Dreamed it rained on my Vogue 1496

Do you curate a clothing museum? You know what I mean? You sew things that don’t have anything to do with you, your coloring, shape, lifestyle- then refuse to part with them? I’m getting better about that. I used to buy clothes that were great sales, but matched nothing. So they hung out in my closet and admired my shoes. I got into the bad habit of buying fabric the same way. Now I curate a Modern art museum- nothing matches the sofa or makes any sense.

So I’m trying- trying, trying, to be responsible.

Sew what you know you like: Tunics, crazy art teacher togs

Sew what you look good in: Tunics, tapered crazy art teacher togs, less brown, more soft shades.

Blue has always made me feel sickly.  But I think it’s me- our relationship needs to change. So I bought 5 pieces of blue fabric from Fabricmart. Here we go:

Vogue 1496- looks like a pool cover up. But it’s the back that sells it. It’s got this wrap around, backs seam- wait- what did they call it? Very loose-fitting, tapered, pullover dress has V-neckline, optional pockets (stitched in place), front extending into yoke back, no shoulder seams, back armhole openings with narrow hem, and stitched hem. Hot Buttered chipmunks- that’s me!!!


No, that’s a size 4 dehydrated model.

Here’s me:


Breath-taking! I know, right? It’s like a sexy hospital gown on a sexy hunchback. I made no changes- it’s so easy and comfortable and despite it maybe not being the most flattering look I’ve made- it’s summer in the south and I’m liking it! Here’s a dandy picture of the sleeve/armhole/slashy business:


Do you want to meet my friend? Ms Holloway is sporting my left overs- done up in a sassy Simplicity 2599- the staple shell pattern that is perfect for all occasions. I got all kinds of frisky and gathered bias strips on an angle to make her more fun. Now I have to stop myself from mindlessly fluffing my breastal area  all day. It’s worse if I’m wearing this blouse of course. Just let that settle for a minute.


So I have a dress I’ll actually wear and a shell that is perfect for the 7:15 ‘what the hell don’t I need to iron???’ mornings. Here’s a bonus action shot- me doing the 100th throw of the purple toy since I got home from work. Last nerve fraying like cheap costume satin.


photo credits: Pattern Review, little me

32 thoughts on “I Dreamed it rained on my Vogue 1496

  1. Katrina says:

    I have that museum! Some of my really special things are wrapped in acid-free paper for archival storage because I just know some niece (or nephew maybe) will definitely want to wear them.

    “No shoulder seam” does not compute, even with helpful illustration. However, I love the dress on you and I love the idea of immediately making the leftovers into another wearable object rather than dumping them into a bottomless pit of good intentions. (Mine is right next to my clothing museum.)


    • I have a bad habit of ordering planless fabric- so I try to immediately cut out a 2nd with the leftovers. While I’m still excited about it.
      I couldn’t explain that back if I tried!


      • Julie says:

        Ahhh, ‘planless fabric’ !! One of my major guilty pleasures – 3 giant plastic bins worth, at current count. I like to lie to myself and say it’s for when I eventually retire, so I’ll have something to do. But really, if you’re retired what’s the point in even getting dressed in the morning. The tshirt and yoga pants you crashed in last night are all you need. OTOH, there’s a lot of tie dye and batik in one of them. I suspect I will need some mu-mus 🙂


  2. Agnes Cleary says:

    First, you’ve made me want to sew that dress. It was 95 degrees today and nothing like heat and 75% humidity to make you long for anything that doesn’t cling. Second, that fabric looks great on you! Your foray into the blue zone is a success. I have the opposite problem. I realized over the weekend sewing binge that about 80% of my fabric is blue or has blue in it. The remaining 20% is either black or fabric for the grandkids. Puppies, unicorns, dinosaurs and race cars being the dominant motif. I definitely need to expand my color palette.


    • Judy Cinerari says:

      Agnes, you have my fabric collection! Even when I hang out the clothes, they are all blue too. And I’ve decided that my granddaughter’s puppies, unicorns and llamas don’t really suit me. Greetings from a very chilly Melbourne Australia.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hilarious description of my many wardrobes. How did you know. In the purple you picture I thought you were playing darts. In an English public house. With warm beer. In the 1940s. There you go.


  4. amalitar says:

    Your dress is awesome! The color does suit you and the shape looks modern and relaxed, insouciant even! But i hear you, I have exactly the same affliction. Add to that the fact that i keep buying very similar fabrics (oh i really want a navy polka dot dress, let me buy the 12th perfect fabric for one instead of just sewing the first darn polka dot fabric i bought!) my only solution of sorts so far is to only sew dresses, so they can just be worn on their own. As for the stash, it just keeps growing, sigh…


  5. Blue definitely suits you. Am just as guilty of growing my fabric stash, and gave myself the same dress pattern to procrastinate over. If mine looks half as good as yours (whenever it gets made) I’ll be best pleased!


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