Wearable Wednesday Rachel Comey

This color- it’s like a 1930’s Mummy. Elsa Lanchester has this.

This is so Damned Yankees/Funny Faces- is she waving to her eyebrows as they escape?This is the before picture on a Charity shop dress makeover-Will we ever get designers to leave the car wash?just keep walking- you can make it to

The bathroom before the socks come completely done. Hogan’s Heroes homage. This keyhole- it’s unsettling. Like a fistula. no. Al Bundys signature pose is not a model pose!?Photo credits- vogue.com

29 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Rachel Comey

  1. Good grief! What fugly garments! The boring grey skirt is the only halfway decent thing visible. I so hope she finds her eyebrows though. Why do so many makeup artists think that ‘unsettling alien’ is a desirable look?

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  2. Jehanne Ferrando says:

    Despite the model’s lack of eyebrows, some of these garments are really quite nice.
    The gray suit is elegant.
    The large, square pink dress looks really comfortable and appears to be quite “on the edge” fashion. It looks as if it would make a nice casual garment.
    The last pairing of bodice and pants has a nice look to it. There is some interesting ruching along the bust, a nice loose sleeve and the pants have a nice loose drape to them. It is a nice alternative to the skin tight spandex jeans that so many women wear.
    I even like the looks of the ruched down socks. I would not wear heels ever, at all, but I am glad to see some sock wearing models. Socks are totally given a bad image. I love them and believe that they should have a much more elevated position in fashion.
    The one with all of the unattached long seams? well, not so much.
    Agreed, the model looks like an alien.


  3. The sock/brogue boots shown with the carwash dress are actually everything.

    And, can’t lie, you caught my attention because I have a puckered fabric in about the same color as the top dress and thought I’d found my inspo. Her fabric looks more gauzy so I’m gonna have to keep looking for more structured…maybe can’t get me to mummy.


  4. Oh, it’s nice to see designer clothes in plus sizes. The pink dress is about an 8XL I think?

    The gray skirt is perfect though. I’ll take one of those and another one in black and one in brown.


  5. Rachel says:

    I kind of hope that oversized bomber is the Vogue pattern, not that I would make it, but it seems like the most universal option.


  6. JenL says:

    Not what I would expect from RC. Kind of depressing. There’s a point when neutrals start to look like dust clothes or something.


  7. What an odd collection. When the red jumpsuit was semi-loaded I was hoping for a long skirt. The socks with sandals with heels represent the awkward flavour of each of these perfectly. To me, it’s off day dressing.


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