Wearable Wednesday Marysia

This feels like something I’d foolishly try to jazz up a boring idea-

Ugh- aren’t these sold by the panel?

Sheer fabric and visible pockets- the 5th level of design hell. I honestly didn’t even see the shark until it grabbed onto her foolish crotch ties and hauled her down. Oh, Wanda- why did you buy that ugly swimsuit?

This is that sad beanbag clown doll body you see in antique shops- the one that has a poltergeist inside.

I like the fabric- why must we be so cruel to it?

Say it. Say Pocohantas ONE MORE TIME!

Photo credits: Vogue.com

18 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Marysia

  1. These need to be photographed on an average woman to reveal their true potential for ridicule. On the vestal virgins of the temple of loveliness a bin bag would look ok. Imagine clown doll onesie distorted with bust, belly and behind.


      • Emily says:

        The unfortunate pattern placement however makes it look like she’s dropped something greasy down the front of her skirts. Perhaps the lighting doesn’t let us see enough of the darker spots in the fabric to let us see it’s really more evened out than this… or perhaps she also has places that look like she’s sat on something greasy too.


  2. I think the clothes pretty much look trite and done to death in a dull way, but I envy the figures of the slim young people–I wonder if they would pay me twice the wages since I may be twice the size of one of them?


  3. Why are so many designer clothes not fitted to the models? They know exactly what size they will be, since no one of any other size is allowed to be a model, right?


  4. Jehanne Hansen says:

    Come now, ladies! We are so used to seeing such atrocious fashions that it seems we have forgotten what was once pretty.
    These garments harken back to a time when clothes were pretty and not all was black spandex or skin tight denim/spandex.

    I see loose comfortable garments, pretty prints/colors/textures and maybe just a bit too much lacing. But, overall, these garments are quite feminine and pretty.
    After an afternoon spent at the local swimming pool yesterday, I can tell you that this one swim suit is much more elegant than any of the suits that I saw most wearing. I’ll take that lacing down the front any day over some of the eye searing colors and patterns and “styles” that were floating in the pool like a tide of technicolor flotsam.

    There is much to giggle over in the fashion world, but these garments are pretty and soft and feminine.
    I will continue to click on for some fashion humor. It is always fun to laugh at ourselves.
    Me, I would look like a fat clown in that one piece belted garment. But, that is true of any garment that is gathered and belted, on me. It looks great on her!


    • I think we all just look for inspiration from our designers- I know it bums me a bit to see something that feels like a rehash of something I didn’t really like the last time. I always hope for a place between ‘seen it’ and ‘can’t bear to look’!


  5. At least all of these would be comfortable in hot weather, not flattering, just comfortable except that last fringed puppy…appropriate for hot yoga class perhaps? The pink elastic bodice…yes, you can buy it by the panel…how unimaginative.

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  6. wonderful wise words as always – gotta wonder how those clothes would look on a mere mortal without tan (me and most probably dreadful) – that shirred dress, have not seen that in a long long time…. I so remember them being sold off the roll…..

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