Wearable Wednesday Alexander Wang

As in- What the Wang-doodle is that? w4

Huh.I was wrong- you can get Lai’d in this collection.w5

Worst Olympic Opening team uniform ever.


Rob you? No I swear, I’m just here for gas and a Slurpie! w7

Well, I did say wear a suit……w8

Is she walking into the wind? Is that why everyone else is so bundled up? w9

I can hear Cher belting out, ‘Gypsies, Trans Am Thieves!’


You can make it Erin- just hold it on a few more minutes!


photo credits: vogue.com

22 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alexander Wang

  1. I like the necklaces and strappy sandals. There’s an air of recycling bygones we thought we’d lost forever, the denim jeans we cut off and frayed, the huge leather jacket, the shell suit you can see for miles, all plucked from the charity shop and given another run. Wracking my brains to think of a few more gauche and passé trends for my Autumn wardrobe.


  2. JenL says:

    Ouch. “Ironic” fashion, made by someone who probably did not live through this stuff the first time around. At least there is bike-short protection under the dental-flossy cut-offs, I suppose.

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  3. Emily says:

    Does it even Count as a “fashion” when the designer just throws on any old shirt and we can’t tell a thing about it because it is then left totally open and thrown back or with just one button buttoned… and does throwing on someone else’s necklace count toward the design of the shirt? Was the bra a find or does it count as part of the collection? Presentation as part of the design, okay, but here so much of it is just obfuscation… and that has to be the ugliest crotch I have Ever seen on the second model’s pants.

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  4. AHAHAHAHA! Horribly funny except for the exploitation of the young people and the bare breasts here and there–oh well. He’s probably still a handsome guy, right, so people will still buy it as long as he’s kewl…


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