Wearable Wednesday Lalo

I keep forgetting I have a bag of spinach in the crisper bin.its not pretty.

With 5 dachsies and a cat, this is me if I don’t keep a lint roller every 10 feet.

Aunt Stella’s needles strike again!I can’t focus on this- it’s like a sofa on acid. Jim Henson’s widow on hard times.

Sesame Street Walker?Aw crap- I like this. But who has time to backcomb their collar daily?Photo credits: Vogue.com

13 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Lalo

  1. I rather like the two sweater things – “Aunt Stella’s” and “sofa on acid”. But I don’t want to think about the kind of weather for wearing that sort of thing. Summer is going to fast.


  2. Emily says:

    “Sesame Street Walker” is my fav comment! Hilarious! If you count the boots, I’d actually Wear at least two items out of each outfit here (if you count the pom pom robe as a bath robe)… In fact I really Like several of them. Count me surprised!


  3. At least when these fashion go out of style and just fuzz away and hang in some thrift shop, they will make good things to wrap up in for sleeping under a bridge and cuddling with a dog of two. The spinach dress…maybe with the right underwear? I think these boots will be showing up more and more next season.


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