Wearable Wednesday Ambush

Well, not exactly a style Ambush.

If Little Red has worn this, the wolf would have let her be.

Leona’s Mother was cripplingly overprotective of her on class trips. Ambushed by coasters. This Kung Fu reboot looks kind of boring without a Carradine. Allison was a pro at never being asked to help with dinner. There’s one on every beach. Castaway Chic. Photo credit- Vogue.com

44 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Ambush

  1. Oh me, oh my. Who’d a thunk pot holders and coasters could be so . . .
    uh . . . nooo, on second thought . . .

    (must thank you for plumbing the depths to give us chuckles & guffaws – picks me up after reading headlines)


  2. LinB says:

    Dear Lord. Let’s all just give up and go home. And have a good cry. And take a long, refreshing nap … to recover from this nightmare.


  3. Peggy Rivera says:

    Leona is missing her helmet or strawbale hat, also shin pads
    –only then would my daughter let her child into the outside realms.
    Oh and also there’s no need for the fashion techs to worry about styling or make up with the big hats. Neigh!


  4. This is embarrassing sh*te. Oops, I was honest. I actually thought the weird beigy-canoe sculpture behind the people was a mantilla and figured it was just their poor judgment and fashion sense.


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