Wearable Wednesday Saks Potts

Well, there’s the Sak….I had a bicycle seat just like this, well, it had padding actually. Is she a John Waters character on the loose?Huh- a swimsuit featuring a sleeping hostage in one of your designs…Remember that time Big Bird got a dip-dye?I just don’t understand. How does she pee in under 20 minutes?no collection is complete without an Olympic opening ceremony costume!This is just color-bleching.Giant repurposed clothe diapers? Photo credits: Vogue.com

26 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Saks Potts

  1. LinB says:

    Well, 1980 WAS 38 years ago. Nearly two generations (as counted by genealogists, a generation is 20 years) have gone by since the country’s collective eyeballs were scarred by this sort of dressing.


  2. So our John Waters character is sporting quite the camel toe, which is hilarious because I recently attended a private party with a Sally O’Mally theme (old SNL character who pulls her pants up A LOT and screams “I’m FIFTY”). I went as Gwenyth Paltoe O’Mally (with self designed prosthetic toe) and won the coveted Golden Toe. I believe as part of my catwalk I pointed out that once Gwenyth sports a toe, it will be all the rage, and I’m delighted to see that I AM RIGHT.


  3. Emily says:

    There is only one thing the slightest bit cohesive about this “collection” and a hair style or wrap does Not cohere a clothing “collection”… and c’mon, really, what other excuse would they have had for high boots with swim wear other than having had That be their one thing?


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