Wearable Wednesday Cecilie Bahnsen



Beyond me.

How can her bodice be this narrow? Did they butterfly her like a chicken to get into this?

Pet Peeve: when someone eats the bonbons and leaves their little paper diaper in the box. So rude. Castaway Diary day #765. I pray for death, my soul is crushed…but my whites are still amazingly bright.

Mother says is a beautiful gift to be taken over the mountain as a gift for the sacred volcano.

Photo credits: vogue.com

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Cecilie Bahnsen

  1. I so hope the last lass rips off her floral mishap at the volcano’s edge and skips down in her undies to be reborn as a cheerful soul in a nice pair of slacks and a hoodie.

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  2. Apart from the one wearing a 1970s floral bedsheet, I like all of them and would have worn all of them in the 1980s if they had existed. Having said that I would happily wear the first and fifth right now!


  3. JenL says:

    On a technical note, I’ve spotted those forward placed sleeves before (butterflied torso). Maybe they are full in the back too, but it seems like it would inhibit movement. But then, what’s wearability and function anyway.


  4. I love frilly bedding. On my bed. This reminds me of some lady that cuts up old quilts to make jackets out of them. Sells them for a grand or so. They actually were cute, not stiff. The ‘quilted jackets’ that the quilting groups make are like fabric armor. Super stiff. Looks just like this stuff.


  5. Emily says:

    Scarlett O’Hara moves on to the bedroom when all the windows are bare… Someone commented on the first skirt as wearable whereas I’d wear the first top instead – maybe we could get together on that? But I’d need a very light weight bottom half to let some of the body heat escape! All the rest of it is, to me, baggage.

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  6. ceci says:

    I find the first one sort of appealing, except for the ties under the arms, which would feel like something crawling on you……never mind.



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