Wearable Wednesday Zac Posen

Today Zac takes us to the depressives Prom.

I hate when the bathroom only has hand dryers!?

Wait- there’s a bathroom??Damn it Dad- I told you to walk faster!?Gawww- I love Febreeze- is it Hawaiian Jasmine?Evelyn! He called! I’m not just saying that to get you to come down- I swear!

Wanda- please tell me you didn’t drop your Zoloft!?

Ophelia- that’s not funny. It’s never been funny. In a last minute attempt to impress Harvard- Audra instagrams a neighborhood storm cleanup.

Honestly Carla- you can’t do this every time Your favorite show is canceled.

Eunice, you’ve been warned about smoking in the greenhouse…and where is your bra!!!Boucle short set is also my go-to kitchen outfit! Her feet are distracting me. Oh Zac….Photo credits: Vogue.com

25 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Zac Posen

  1. The neighbourhood storm clear up is priceless, as is the boucle kitchen shorts suit. And the Hawaiian pineapple Fabrese. I think you nailed it this week on the jokes front. The clothes aren’t too bad either.
    (can you delete previous version?)

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  2. Emily says:

    Yep – nice cousin’s house but I can see relevant details on maybe half of these… and half of the relevant details on those… Dirty foot gal (and I speak as a bare footer, but yeah) might have some interesting pleats going on but she should stand up and let me See!


  3. Zac, Zac…what have you been smokin’? Lovely fabrics but oh so tortured. Tell Evelyn that the boy called BUT he’s breaking up with you…that will get her down.The last model is dreaming of her prince at the window…please tell her that Harry is already taken!!!!!


  4. Jean says:

    LMAO and then went back to see the details but just LMAO again. This was just too funny. The hand dryer, the wait there’s a bathroom, and Dad, walk faster … I am still laughing. I have liked Zac but agree with the comments above. Not sure what was happening here. Thank you for this every Wednesday. It is such a treat.


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