Wearable Wednesday Suzanne Rhae

Enid was the perfect wife. Tab was the envy of everyone on the culdisac!

Despite her career as a pediatric neurosurgeon- Tab always got a gluten free 3 course meal!

Their house was always perfect and she never pulled the legs off of the twins Barbies!

Then the rodeo came to town and Enid Met Buck!

Suddenly the sheets weren’t ironed and the pudding was from a box!!

Suddenly Enid didn’t want to watch Power in the spare room!Then the rodeo moved on- but Enid was forever changed!Tab got full custody and the Barbie dream house. Photo credits: Vogue.com

19 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Suzanne Rhae

  1. I wore shoes just like that in 1964! Tab should have known to keep his woman locked up when the rodeo came to town. Who can resist a man in chaps??? I hope sheer clothes with shorts underneath will not become a trend!


  2. Kitty Ann says:

    Best yet!!! I had to read thru twice… my mind couldn’t stay focused the first time… it couldn’t comprehend someone wasted fabric on those ‘wanna be haute’ outfits! Lawd!!


  3. Well that’s put me in my place. No way could I do housework in these without getting the fringes shut in the dishwasher door or the sleeves sucked round the vacuum cleaner roller. I guess I’ll always be second rate in the housewife stakes.


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