Wearable Wednesday Gareth Pugh

Not everyone was in agreement about Dr Xavier’s new school uniforms- but the cheerleaders least of all.

You know I’m always in the lookout for a new interview suit-this clicks so many boxes!

Aw- there’s even a little hole for tickling!I think her expression says it all. Im already tired of the new Dynasty transgender reboot. Eloise noticed that late in her pregnancy her hair needed a lot of control. i…. just can’t. Souxie and The Batshit Crazies is my favorite tribute band. no, honestly Carla- it isn’t too much. Photo credits: Vogue.com

28 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Gareth Pugh

  1. If I had to choose, I’d sign up with the bat shit crazies. Though I can think of a couple of interviews that the airy crotch suit would have rendered less forgettable. It’s a tough call.

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  2. The two grey suits…interview suit with the perfect camel toe feature…nailed it, the other with the dropped crotch…perfect for any gender. At least this designer was all inclusive…boys, babies and babes in boots.

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