Wearable Wednesday John Galliano

Well hello Rebecca of Sluttybrook Farms!

Things sure changed for the boys when Becky Thatcher started that Women’s Studies class.

Everything’s up to date in Kansas City-

We’ve gone about as fer’ as we can go!Welcome to Kitty’s! May I get you a sasparilla with a syphilis chaser?

Madeline- the unpublishable years-

You know this is the girl that always told ob Sarah Crew- she’s got finishing school narc written all over her.

Picnic at Whoring Rock- premiering on Amazon!Photo credits: Vogue.com

22 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday John Galliano

  1. I secretly love him, but maybe mainly because I grew up with Culture Club and all that too. I would put fabric under the nudie bits, myself, since they’re tedious and boring. Fashion has actually made me feel that showing attractive healthy young bodies naked is dull, not to mention exploitative.

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  2. apart from the see thru (not very office friendly or maybe too friendly…) the detailing is very inspiring – not too crazy for the strange sleeve head but after living through the shoulder pad 80s perhaps I am nervous.
    And after a slew of fast fashion, with easy cuts and bad seams its good to see some proper makes – and your commentry as always fantastic – sluttybrook farm….. wonderful!


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