I dreamed of Nordic furniture in my McCall’s 7760

The husband and I love Ikea. Seriously. We both have tiny cars, so the 4 hour round trip usually involves a van rental and days of emailing back and forth with Kallax vs Liatorp debates and budgeting talk. Seriously- we’re dorks that like a giant store.

We have redone the computer room this year- I can’t stand the term ‘man cave’it just harshes my mellow- like Mr B needs a private room to escape from my gardenia scented foolishness…..oh. I get it now. Huh.

Moving along! He needed 400 shelves for his legos. God forbid the different Starwars timelines might meet on a shelf and create a plastic sci-fi wormhole. So we’ve been looking at Ikea Hacks on Pinterest, Reddit, the dark web, you know- like all adults decorate their homes. He now has a Besta/Kallax/Ekat motif.

Here’s a link to a website that explains all the Ikea collection names: https://lar5.com/ikea/ You can thank me in 2 hours. Here’s some meatball porn:

Where is all this going Chubby Sewing Gadfly, you ask? Do I have a point? Um. Sure.

Usually I roam thru Ikea wishing that my husband shopped faster and hiding in the 675 square foot apartment living room and pretending I’m in an episode of Fortutude. This last time I found a bin of Varkage!! Yes, Varkage! I know right? Isn’t that the best? Who doesn’t like Varkage for $4.99 each? Nordic nirvana indeed!! So I bought 2.

Behold- the Ikea hack for little me!!


McCall’s 7760 has been in the ‘not sure what to do with you’ bin for a few months now. You know I love a floaty chiffon thing- a sartorial hovercraft as it were. I think the gal on the envelope forgot to button it- but she’s trying top look cas about it.


But it’s a lot of flutteriness for a top on my delicate pork shoulders- but as a swingy jacket over whatnot- yes indeed. Enter the Varkage! No changes to the pattern other than some minor woodging to get it all on my 2 pieces. Ikea- I rarely complain about you- but could you make the Varkage a hair wider? Thanks, err- TAKK and stuff.


Most of the woodging sacrificed the sleeve length- I had to change the sleeves to a cuffed 3/4 length as I was really scheming to avoid a back seam and hopefully use the fringes edges to best advantage. By the by- the pups loved the Varkage- I had to rescue it several times from becoming a nest under one of them. Got to remember not to fling this across the back of the chair in the bedroom (Remsta in Djuparp blue-green velvet- Article number 203.447.61)  I did a very primitive zigzag at the edges to let it have a little fringey business as it gets worn. Just like me! Worn out and fringey! Check out this little picnic area:


photo credits: little me, Mccalls.

33 thoughts on “I dreamed of Nordic furniture in my McCall’s 7760

  1. Kitty Ann says:

    Oooooh, great hack!! Love the jacket, looks FAB on you! Kudos! My hubs & I love IKEA too! It’s a 4 hr drive for us from Wilmington NC to Charlotte. We were SO sad when IKEA backed out of opening in Cary, would have been only 2hrs away, Last time we were in Charlotte I picked up a LEJONGAP curtain panel, 57″ x 98″ 100% linen in a dark pewter grey, for only $5!! That’s 2.75 yds! Still not sure what to make from it… was thinking of doing some kind of surface design stuff on it cause it’s just SO grey, it needs something. Maybe fabric paint and some big stamps? Put fusible onto some colorful fabrics – cut funky shapes and fuse them to the linen? Or just use the deco stitches on my sewing machine and do long crisscrossing rows across the panel before cutting out the pattern? Too many choices make me craycray!! 🙂 BTW, we’re retiring in 3 years and have decided to move to a smaller place and will be furnishing it entirely from IKEA – so ready to ditch all this stuff we’ve had forever!


      • Kitty Ann says:

        Charlotte. Had not thought of AC design style – thanks!! So many possibilities! 🙂 Will be making a run in late Nov, early Dec for Christmas = DANGER! DANGER! IKEA makes it all SO delightful you find yourself at checkout with multiple buggies and wondering how the heck are we going fit this in the SUV!!

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  2. Patrice says:

    I furnished my sewing room in all IKEA! Crazy to spend money on those setups advertised in sewing magazines and websites. (I’d show pictures but I’m not sure how to do that in a comment.)


  3. Never been in an Ikea, don’t live near one even 2-4 hours away but that darling jacket is a wonder! Paying $4.99 is a bonus and you just rock that color and style!


  4. I did find ikea fascinating and necessary sometimes but the experience is exhausting even if you know the cut through to avoid the long walk of temptation and crazy plunder. My tip however is only to visit when there is a cup final football match on TV

    I actually love this deep blue on you and, it’s different to your normal pallette but it is very flattering. And perfect for this pattern!


  5. Isi says:

    You look great in that blanket! Wonderful color, nice pattern, and kudos on fitting it all in! I’m a fellow IKEA fan and have just been contemplating which blanket of theirs I could make a poncho out of 😉 here in Germany, their stores are much closer together, but because I don’t own a car, it still takes me an hour and a half of public transport and no less than four different trains/buses!! My friends have to listen to epic journeys made with two heavy kitchen drawers, curtains plus curtain rail, all the random stuff and even a huge planting pot, all carried around somehow with my bare two hands and the fabulous blue bag…
    Also, thanks for your snark,I needed that this morning!


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