Wearable Wednesday Rodarte

So Billy Idol invites you to his 5th wedding- what to wear you ask?


Eileen wondered if her home owners insurance covered injury resulting from her partygoers confusing her for a piñata.


This is disturbing.


Alice was so shy, she found the perfect way to avoid strangers at parties- hide in the loo dressed as the spare roll.


You can do it Betsy! Just 4 more steps and it won’t matter if your skirt falls all the way down!


No flies on Daphne and her crocheted  thigh gap is on point.


Louise washed up on the shore remembering nothing,but clutching her favorite yellow highlighter.


Did she just catch the golden snitch???


Why? Why is this my favorite? it looks like Cate Blanchett and Katherine Hepburn in a cage match!



photo credits: Vogue.com

20 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Rodarte

  1. Katrina says:

    Some of this looks like quintessential Rodarte from their best seasons, but other pieces look like plastic garbage pulled straight from the trash. I wonder if they just throw some awful stuff in there to make sure the audience is awake. I will have to read the reviews on this to see if the reviewers went all sycophantic or if they actually differentiated between beautiful work and practical joke.


  2. And ya know – that dress would be perfect for the Billy Idol Wedding – in truth you gotta wonder who the target wearer is for some of the other frilly wonders..although I do like some of the shoes.. as always love your commentary and take on it all


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