Wearable Wednesday Loewe

I think this was shown in a car wash-

Does anyone remember those ‘I ran into Tammy Faye Baker’ t-shirts? Still funny, I tells you.

When all else fails- slap some birds on those hips!

‘Sister Gruyere! Kindly remind the alter attendants that they have a cassock to wear under that!’Rhonda was the most accomplished shoplifter- no one knows how she steals whole hams so easily!

Is she being attacked by another shirt?Eeee! Florence it’s behind you! Run!! Raggedy Ann never said what happened to Andy-Alice- you are so brave in the face of full lace chafing-Photo credits: Vogue.com

24 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Loewe

  1. I *had* one of those Tammy Faye Baker shirts and I *still* think it’s hilariously funny. Thank you for reminding me of that, on a morning when I am dressed all in black with nearly black lipstick because: election feelings.


  2. Emily says:

    That Rhonda one is amazing – not in a flattering way, mind you, but in a sci fi flick where they are trying to low budget a human body into something very alien looking it would be really effective.


  3. Jehanne Hansen says:

    That black dress with all the top stitching is actually quite pretty. I would not welcome the oversized sleeves and the “birds”. Other than that, it has pretty shoulder shaping and a pretty shape to the skirt.
    Why do all of these models look like angry, skinny boys?


  4. some real 5 minute fashion moments there – on the other hand personally the diamond patchwork fascinated me as I was thinking of ways for upcycling mens ties…… but even with that – I dont have vionnet body to wear it……


  5. valerie says:

    I’ll have one of the topstitched dress without the parrots please…but the striped jersey number looks like it was put on backwards.


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