Wearable Wednesday Jil Sanders

Built in heat resistant bib for eating ramen on the train!

What always worries me about utopian societies is it’s either toga or lab coats.

I liked this better when Colin Firth wore in in the lake scene….As I scroll down I go from ‘meh’ to ‘monstrous’ with this hem.Slowly Alices lip bomb drops ever lower into the tote abyss. Ok Ladies, duly noted. The office is cold. Jil. Jil. I expect reasonable pieces from you and you give me nurse hoof booties. Photo credits: Vogue.com

25 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Jil Sanders

  1. ceci says:

    Honestly, its no wonder the models all look so sullen. Or maybe they are just avoiding tripping on those hems. Wearing hoof booties. On the other hand, the cold office outfits have a certain charm.



  2. Katrina says:

    Jil Sander, so reliably elegant and minimalist. Wait, wha…

    I feel like these would all be excellent if you cut them off at the knees, but that seems unnecessarily cruel to the models who already have to put up with so much.


  3. I think of Jil Sanders as the designer who delivers boring, now laced with ugly and à soupçon of impractical. Still, if I ever wanted to run up a rip off there’d be no shortage of basic patterns to be mutilated in the hem area or accessorised with something clumpy. And the colours lend themselves to recycling as floor cloths.

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  4. Emily says:

    I think they’re down filled camp booties, sadly with camp as in fire ring, not as in interesting and campy. But then… how long would any of those whites or walked on hems stay white or hemmed in camp, suburb or city?


  5. peggy says:

    No doubt, the hooves were ridiculous but some of the clotthes had potential. Actually “lab coat”
    and “toga” had good lines. Length of pants a bit overdone. I couldn’t figure out what she had
    attached to her leg. Poor thing. Loved pleated skirt and plaid “fabric” was pretty but needed
    a designer to make something out of it. HOOVES! Whatever was she trying to say?


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