Wearable Wednesday Oscar de la Renta

I need loveliness.

We’ve earned it. Go on- wear Liberaces drapes!

I’m having a textilegasm. Give me a moment.


I want a mammoth handbag that is a little more expensive than my fiat….it’s the little things, right?

It’s totally casual Becky- just a few friends and matadors….

Must.Stroke.Dresses.im making that Homer Simpson drool face.

5 yards please- m’kay? Thanks Oscar.

Oh quick Enid! It’s down the hall on the left! Photo credits: Vogue.com

Wearable Wednesday Reem Acra

Erin tried hard to include Phillips cat in their wedding- but in hindsight, she really would have been safer carrying a bouquet.

Amber- you’ve left us no time to buy gifts- we will only be in Target a moment!just tell the driver to wait!

A Christmas wedding complete with popcorn garland details for the bride!

‘No, no Ronald. I’m not disappointed about getting a toaster- NOT an engagement ring. I’d never given it any thought!’Gaw- Wanda, you are so over the top- my mothers church does not have a moth problem!?Just exchanging cookies at CiCis pizza? I have just the thing….

Serving dinner at the homeless shelter- don’t they deserve me at my best?

Don’t sulk Enid- of course we found your ‘I am the gift’ joke hilarious….again.

Photo credits: Vogue.com

I dreamed I baked cookies in my Burda 6974

Good morning everyone and welcome to another day in the kitchen of the Pie-and-Leer Woman!


You know nothing quite warms my dainty heart like whipping up vittles for my extremely virile and all-American husband Lard! Today he’s out in the corral castrating the livestock and working up a manly appetite! So I’m in the kitchen as God intended making him a little snack! 2

Lard works so hard and he likes me pretty, so I always bake in a fresh new outfit with grease defying cleavage!

1 Today I’m wearing Burda 6974 and it it’s in a sassy knit geometric print so I can run out to the paddock and wrestle a calf if necessary, without getting any noticeable blood on me! The gathered front neckline has a draped center and reminds me of Darlin’ Lard when he tucks his bib into his flannel and tears into some ribs! 8

I got the fabric shipped from Fabricmart cuz it wouldn’t do for me to be out of the kitchen for too long- my menfolk need constant nurturing and hearty proteins!7

This shape is a favorite of mine and I cut it as a dress originally- but decided it looked too much like another dress I had- so I tunic’d it. See, Lard isn’t the only one willing to cut things off! 4

photo credits- pattern review, little me,

Wearable Wednesday Lela Rose

It’s been a tough year folksies. We need a pretty palate cleanser.

Is like an homage to joy- or a lacy version of my favorite popsicle.

Hey, Duchess MegSter! You love a trench style! This can be unbuttoned as you gestate! When I looked quickly- I thought of Pac-Man. I want to see someone fabulous in this. Cary Mulligan, do you need a suit? maybe I’m light headed, but I’m loving a lot of these- pretty, not too strange- Ok, don’t make me reassess this, Posey crotch!credits: Vogue.com