Wearable Wednesday Lela Rose

It’s been a tough year folksies. We need a pretty palate cleanser.

Is like an homage to joy- or a lacy version of my favorite popsicle.

Hey, Duchess MegSter! You love a trench style! This can be unbuttoned as you gestate! When I looked quickly- I thought of Pac-Man. I want to see someone fabulous in this. Cary Mulligan, do you need a suit? maybe I’m light headed, but I’m loving a lot of these- pretty, not too strange- Ok, don’t make me reassess this, Posey crotch!credits: Vogue.com

18 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Lela Rose

  1. Emily says:

    Yes to many of these… in defense of Posey Crotch, those flowers have to go somewhere… so much better it’s the flowers than the red (oops… they could have moved the pattern over a smidge couldn’t they?) but the orange dress Next to her – It might require the right fabric but it’s really interesting!


  2. I secretly hoped for something like this, where I can like some, not like some, and not have an appalling collection be proof of poison in the water or something else dire. I love that this looks normal-enough in the sense of some good, some not to my taste, very little looking stapled together from plastic tat to be sold for a few thousand pounds to those too enslaved by smartphones to look at what they actually buy–it feels like the consumerism I expect, not the hyperbole craparoo stuff we have gotten too much of lately.

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  3. JustGail says:

    what struck me first – someone needs to report these models for daring to nearly smile! Did they miss the training session stating that they must remain emotionless or sullen?!?


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