Wearable Wednesday Vaquera

Yeah…wouldn’t want it to shrink.

Go ahead and keep it- I don’t think the owner is coming back.

I think those cleaning fumes have gotten to Vaq’

Just tell me what the point is here. Please.

Only 11 pieces in this collection. Funding pulled just 11 too late.

I don’t care for it coming

Or going-

Photo credits: vogue.com

24 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Vaquera

  1. Katrina says:

    HOW do you find these things? Do you have alarms going off at your house when one of these shows happens?

    I’m thinking this was supposed to be a riff on the time Chanel went to the supermarket, but somehow the designer missed the point?


  2. Emily says:

    It looks like they didn’t just put the clothes through the dry cleaner’s process, but the whole Girl… given the bedraggled look. Also, apparently if it doesn’t seem avant guarde when you put it on frontwards, try turning it around and call that a clever “twist”. Their clothes would get So Much more press if only they’d include your commentary with them on release…


  3. Yuck. It doesn’t even inspire me to be witty, since it’s such humourless crap trying to be ironic or whatever. Yuck again. If you could tell us the approximate prices, you’d probably get people much more up in arms over it all–


  4. I’m curious about the design process. Are these worked up from a sketch, through a couple of toiles and into production, or does it just happen by a series of unfortunate miscalculations.


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